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2 Jun

Keeping with their “Wuhan spirit” and their June 2017″A

Astana consensus” on “not allowing differences to become disputes”, their “strategic guidanc e” to their armed forces have ensured peace on their borders. This has prompted bilateral tra de to finally cross its decade-long volume of $70-75 billion. For this year, China-India trade is set to cross $100 billion. Likewise, China’s investments in India have
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11 May

hina to improve online government servicesintegrated

China will speed up building an integrated platform for e-government servi ces to offer easier access to the online services, according to the Ministry of Justice. The building of the integrated platform aims to standardize go vernment services nationwide, according to an official with the ministry. The country will facilitate information sharing among regions and
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17 Apr

Chongqing twin bridges win top civil engineering award

The Twin River Bridges in Southwest China’s Chongqing municipality, a famous scenic spot, has won Tien-yow Jem e Civil Engineering Prize, the country’s top civil engineering award, Chongqing Daily reported.The twin bridg e consists of the Dongshuimen Bridge over the Yangtze River and the Qiansimen Bridge over the Jialing River. Looki ng from above, the
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10 Apr

he index of the miles per intervention of each enter

prise is not compared in Beijing’s road test report, avoid ing data fraud and guiding the enterprises to pay attention to safety, accumula te road test experience and industrialize scientific and technological achievements. Focusing on safety and overall performance, Beijing’s road test report evaluates the self-driving capability of a mass o f cars with at
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